About us

Well, we are two sisters who, through the years, have found that we both got interested in the same crafts at about the same time, without the other realizing it, while living miles apart.
We both were very keen on cross-stitch, and often used to make cross-stitch cards. This then led to card-making. However, in the beginning, neither of us were very interested in stamping, that came later, when we were making cards to sell. We realized that techniques had developed at such a rate, that one stamp was so much more versatile than we had imagined.
The next phase however, was frustration that we would have designs in mind, but could not find a stamp that was right. This inevitably lead to researching how we could purchase/make our own stamps, and so Inkwell Stamps was born.
We specialise in qwirky sayings (it must be our sense of humour!), but are constantly developing all types of new designs.
We design and use the stamps ourselves, so we know that they stamp perfectly time after time. We are extremely aware that quality is of the utmost importance to our customers. We also pride ourselves on our customer service and constantly strive to give you the buying experience that we would like to receive.
We also sell at a number of shows around the country. we hope that we may see you at some of them.